Beginners Guide


Beginners Guide

We provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to enter, behave, and play games at the casino.

Entrance Guide

You can enter Paradise Casino free of charge.

However, only those who are 19 years old or older are allowed to enter. Please remember to bring your passport for us to identify your age and nationality.

  • Paradise Casino stays open 24 hours a day all year round.

    Paradise Casino is exclusively for foreigners (including Korean emigrants). It is open 24/7 year round. Under the related act and the subordinate statute in Korea (Item 1 of Paragraph 1 of Article 28 of the Tourism Promotion Act and Paragraph 1 of Article 21 of the Business Rules of the Casino Business), minors under 19 and Koreans may not be admitted.

  • Paradise Casino is open to customers of foreign nationality only.

    Those under the age of 19 and of Korean nationality are prohibited from entering the casino.

  • No dress code is applied.

    You may enter the casino in casual attire. However, we may reject admission on the basis of wearing shorts, jerseys, or sandals.

  • It is prohibited to bring cameras, electronic devices, and metal objects into the casino.

    In order to ensure the smooth operation of the gaming floor; protect portrait rights; and guarantee the safety of customers and facilities, it is prohibited to bring cameras, electronic devices, metal objects (inlcuding umbrellas), and food. Please leave them at the checkroom before entering the casino.

ID requirements for admission of foreign and emigrant customers

According to Articles 28 and 29 of the Tourism Promotion Act and Article 30 of the Ordinance for Casino Supervision and Management in the Jeju Province, foreigners (citizen of foreign countries) and emigrants (Koreans residing overseas) should present the following documents to be granted admission into Paradise Casino. All customers are required to abide by these requirements.

Customers who lose their status as foreign residents due to naturalization or restoration of nationality, and customers who lose their overseas residency due to permanent repatriation to Korea, are no longer allowed to enter casinos. Any customer in this situation should inform the company and should take responsibility for any civil or criminal liability which may incur if they enter the casino without notice.

1. Paradise Casino Walkerhill • City (Incheon) • Busan (regulated by the Tourism Promotion Act)

First-time Customers
Foreigners Emigrants

①Passport (Mandatory)

②Domestic Residence Report of Foreign National Korean or Alien Registration Card

③Certificate of Alien Registration (issued in Community Centers on demand)

①Passport(Verification of recent stamps, if necessary)

②Permanent Resident Card (of any form including card, seal, permanent residency status)

③A copy of the resident registration (with the emigration declarence)


※ Only identification documents issued within 7 days prior to admission are accepted.

※ Admission may be rejected if the period of stay in Korea is not confirmed.

* If you did not apply for the issuance of a membership card during your first visit, you must bring the above documents with you if you wish to enter the casino again.

For membership card holders, When the documents submitted for the issuance of your membership card expire, you need to submit new documents with an extended validity period to renew your membership card with an updated expiration date. If the documents submitted already expired, you will not be allowed into the casino.

※ For inquiries about admission:
- Walkerhill Casino: (02)450-4830
- Paradise City Casino: (032)729-3102
- Busan Casino: (051)749-3389

2. Paradise Jeju (regulated by the law of Jeju Province)

The same rules apply for first-time customers and membership card holders
Foreigners Emigrants

※ Choose 1 from the following materials

①Passport (Verification of recent stamps)

②Domestic Residence Report of Foreign National Korean or Alien Registration Card

③U.S. military ID card

④Diplomatic identification card, Seafarer identification

※ Mandatory materials

①Passport (Verification of departure stamp)

②Permanent residency (regardless of type of card, seal, residence rights, etc.) or Overseas Emigration Confirmation Notice

- If there is no entry/exit stamp, you can replace it with your flight ticket and local card usage history

- Overseas Emigration Confirmation Notice may replace the departure stamp and permanent residency
  (Only documents with a validity period of 1 year or less are accepted for Overseas Emigration Confirmation Notice)

※ Customers with a membership card can enter with a card for 30 days after registering their identification data (passports, etc.).
※ Emigrants may need different identification documents for each migrant country, so please contact us in advance.
※ For inquiries about admission:
 - Jeju Casino: 064-740-7776

Casino Etiquette

Please adhere to the following rules of etiquette in Paradise Casino.

  • Attire

    Unlike casinos in Europe, there are no rules stating that a necktie must be worn. Although casual attire is permitted, please refrain from wearing clothing that is distasteful or reveals too much. Large bags may be an inconvenience to other guests, so we kindly ask you to check them in at the Help Desk.

  • Photography

    Taking photographs inside the casino is prohibited to protect the privacy of other guests. Taking photographs is limited to designated areas such as the entrance, bar, lounge, etc.

  • Smoking

    In general, smoking is prohibited at all tables. Separate smoking zones are in operation. Please use the separate zones when smoking.

Game Progress Guide

Please participate in the Paradise Casino games according to the following order.

  1. Select a table

    You may sit in an empty seat at the game table of your choice. An 1:1 game with the dealer is possible without any other players .

  2. Purchase chips

    Gaming chips may be purchased at any time from the dealer at an open table. When you run out of chips, you can buy more from the dealer.

  3. Make a bet

    Bet on games by using your chips. Please ask a casino staff member if you have any questions regarding the rules of a game.

  4. After the game is over

    Please exchange any chips for higher valued ones (color up) for easier exchange for cash after game is over. If you decide to leave your seat for a moment, you may also ask a staff member to keep your chips with them for you.

  5. Change your chips into cash

    Please use the Exchange Booth when exchanging remaining chips for cash. Dealers may not exchange chips for cash.

Casino Chip Guide

Different types of chips used at Paradise Casino are like belows.


    Money Chips may be purchased from any tables and exchanged for cash at the Exchange Booth.


    Used at roulette tables, Roulette Play Chips may be purchased from the roulette tables and exchanged for cash at the Exchange Booth.


    These chips may be earned by redeeming mileage or offered as prizes from events held by the casino. The value of the chips is equal to the amount marked on the face of the chips. Coupons that can be exchanged for Lucky Chips are also given during events.
    Guests that receive applicable coupons may exchange them for Lucky Chips with which they can place bets on games.
    Lucky Chips may be used to bet on games, but may not be directly exchanged for cash.
    Lucky Chips may be used in games. Any winnings from those games may be redeemed with money chips, which can be exchanged for cash.


    These Lucky Chips may be exchanged with Chips Coupon provided by travel agencies. The value of Roulette Lucky Chips is 5,000 Korean won and you can use them the same way as Lucky Chips. Present these coupons at the roulette table, and you shall receive the applicable Lucky Chips.


    When you present a Chips Coupon provided by travel agencies along with the amount of money specified, you will receive Lucky Chips. The value of a Tai Sai Lucky Chip is 5,000. Although Tai Sai Lucky Chips are used the same way as Lucky Chips, winning on the betting with these chips will earn you double the dividends while the Lucky Chips are collected. Tai Sai Lucky Chips and souvenirs shall be given to those who present coupons and cash at the Tai Sai table.


    These chips are used for Blackjack and Baccarat tournaments. Receipts are issued to all participants at the conclusion of the games, which may exchanged for cash or chips.