CI Overview

Introduction to Paradise Casino CI

ci logo

The most significant visual factors of the Paradise Casino CI include its symbol, logo type, and main color.

These are the core elements of various design artifacts, each of which signifies unique meaning as well as the vision, philosophy, and brand value of Paradise Casinos.



The theme of the Group symbol is ‘a tree of creation’. Starting with P, the initial of Paradise, the symbol represents the Group’s strategy and vision to grow for creativity and innovation, and, at the same time, it embodies the Group’s foundation philosophy to return the results of its growth to society and nation.


logo type

The wordmark is a typographic presentation of the company to represent the Group’s identity encompassing art and science. It was designed to convey classical authenticity and modern refinement at the same time as well as considered all business areas at present and possibility of expansion in the future.

CI Rules

ci rule

Grid Rules

The signature consists of the symbol and the logo type.

They are essential in all media presenting Paradise, so they require great care in their use and management. Rigorous rules apply to their use.

ci rule

Rules on minimum space

The signature requires a certain amount of blank space to distinguish it from other elements.

Main color

    PANTONE 8004 C
    CMYK : C43 M44 Y59 K5
    RGB : R157 G138 B105
    HSB : H36 S32 B61
    PANTONE Black 4 C
    CMYK : C35 M65 Y95 K95
    RGB : R27 G0 B0
    HSB : H0 S100 B10
    PANTONE 186 C
    CMYK : C10 M100 Y90 K0
    RGB : R215 G11 B36
    HSB : H351 S94 B84